About Vital Extract

Vital Extract Gemmotherapy is produced in Cluj, Romania by Plant Extrakt. Plant Extrakt built its reputation for excellence by producing Homeopathic mother tinctures for the Deutsches (German) Homeopathic Union and later introduced Gemmotherapy to their product line. Over the past twenty five years, they have become an industry leader in Gemmotherapy extracts throughout Europe. All extracts are produced under the strict guidelines of the European Pharmacopoeia and carry the European Union seal of organically sourced material. 
Set in the picturesque hillside outside of the city of Cluj, Plant Extrakt runs a state of the art laboratory and production plant.

The Vital Extract label was created in 2013, originally for the independent Homeopathic practice of Lauren Hubele in Austin, Texas and has since grown into a small family business that serves practitioners and home users throughout the United States. 

Vital Extract

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