About Gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy extracts are produced from select plant embryonic tissues (embryophytotherapy) for health maintenance and restoration that is accomplished through drainage, detoxification, immune stimulation, and nutrition. Gemmotherapy extracts are useful for both acute and chronic symptoms. Use of Gemmotherapy extracts should be guided by your healthcare practitioner.

On the surface, Gemmotherapy extracts look very similar to the liquid herbal tinctures frequently prescribed by a variety of health practitioners or purchased by individuals for self care. However, beyond the visual similarities lie remarkable differences in their therapeutic capabilities.

The specific type of plant material used in making Gemmotherapy is what makes it stand apart from herbal tinctures, supplements, and Homeopathy. Gemmotherapy is produced from the first buds and shoots of select trees and shrubs each spring that contain the growth material for the entire plant.These tissues of the buds and shoots are the most nutrient dense part of the plant.

Gemmotherapy has undergone over 50 years of university level biochemical and clinical studies in Europe to determine the individual properties and actions each extract has on particular organs and organ systems. Through these studies and the collection of empirical data, Gemmotherapy was granted the status of an approved medicine by the European Union.
In the United States, Gemmotherapy is viewed by the FDA as an herbal supplement rather than a medicine and is beginning to attract the attention today of Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Pediatricians, Family Practice Doctors, and home users.

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